Who Am I?

Hi. I’m Julian Dawson

Today I’d like to share my story with you. People who meet me today see me as extremely wealthy and successful. But life wasn’t always that way for me. I was born in South Africa and experienced more than my share of discrimination and poverty as a child. I know firsthand what it’s like to grow up poor and long for a better life.

Lucky for me my family migrated to Australia in 1984 and I made up my mind I would make a lot of money and one day I’d help other people because I have lots of money. After my studies, I ended up in the IT industry working hard in a corporate career hoping to climb the ladder to a better income. This had me working over 70 hours a week. I was making good money but still felt unfulfilled. To me there had to be a better way than doing all those long hours and not having any fun.

I wanted a life that I could enjoy. I wanted to spend more time with friends and family. I wanted to do the things I wanted to do. Not have to go to work to a job where I was really making money for someone else. Then one day I decided I had enough It was time for a change! So I started looking at investing. I wanted to know how it was that so many other people had made millions for themselves and their families. I started reading every book on property and share investing I could find.

I went to all the seminars. I spent many hours researching and studying different techniques. I even maxed out my credit cards because I wanted to know all the pieces to the money puzzle. I soon became overwhelmed by all the different strategies. This sometimes made me take1 step forward but two steps back. It was tough trying to figure out all the pieces! With so many strategies out there it’s hard to know what the best one’s are. I often received conflicting information. Some say property is better than shares. Other say shares is better than property.

But what I discovered is that you need both! Yes, both. After many years of trial and error, I discovered a winning formula. I call this “Wealth Wisdom”. Using this system I retired from my corporate career at the age of only 31. Over the next decade I went on to create incredible wealth in both property and shares.

Today neither my wife nor I need to work for a living. We have acquired enough wealth to have financial security for the rest of our lives.

With my early success friends and family hounded me to show them my system that allowed me financial freedom… at such a young age. I started teaching other people and discovered a passion. I started loving showing other’s how to do it. In 2002 I started running wealth wisdom workshops and since then I’ve taught thousands of people around the world.

Many have gone on to become financially free themselves. But I wanted to reach more people. So I wrote the book called Wealth Wisdom. I believe my strategy can take anyone from where they are financially today to accumulating a multi-million dollar investment portfolio in just a few short years.

But most of all it could free you from stressing about money. And give you the resources and the time to do the things that you want to do! If you’d like to find out more enter your details below. Perhaps this IS the solution you’ve been looking for!

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