Trading In A Nutshell


Trading for Cashflow

When I was getting started back in 1995 I used trading to supplement my paid income from my job at the time.  I only had a small amount of money in the beginning. But eventually I was able to quit my job and take complete financial control of my own life. Trading can be an affordable and incredibly powerful way to generate an income through the Stock Market. And what a lot of people don’t realise is that with trading you can actually make money on shares that are falling in price.

Can you imagine what it would be like to get out of bed when you feel like it, turn on your home computer knowing you can make more than enough money in just a few hours each week to cover your expenses for the lifestyle you’ve only ever dreamed about and still have enough cash left over to fund your ‘hobby’ of real estate and share investing?

Imagine getting excited in a Stock Market Crash? 

Your friends and family would think you were nuts! My Trading strategies will offer you the ability to Think the opposite way to everyone around you and make an absolute fortune in the process.

Make money consistently. Regardless of what direction the market is headed or what economic climate you may be in. You won’t have to worry about rising unemployment figures, interest rates, fuel prices or political factors again. Replace your income without really having to work for it. Imagine how it would feel to quit your ‘job’ and create your own income?

Pay for holidays without using a cent of your own money. Do what you want to when you want to. Free up time to spend in other more important areas of your life.

Create UNLIMITED profit potential.

An area that people generally misinterpret is the risk factor associated with investing. The best thing about my ‘Trinity of Wealth’ formula is that you totally control your downside risk. So, even when you experience a losing trade, your loss will be strictly limited. It’s a built-in function of the overall strategy.

Actually when you combine the controlled risk of my “Trinity of Wealth” formula. You will understand why our methods can be far safer and more conservative than the risky emotional way most people invest with other methods!