Are These Your Money Problems?

Hi, my name is Julian Dawson

And I need to share something really important with you. It’s something that could help you create an enviable lifestyle for yourself and possibly change your future forever.

Firstly let me stress! I’m not talking about a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. I don’t believe in those at all. You know the ones? You’ve probably seen the ads or visited those sites that claim to have you making millions trading the Stock Market in the blink of an eye!

This is not one of them. This is actually very realistic and very achievable for anybody. What I need to share with you is my strategy for creating wealth and lifestyle because not so long ago I was just like any average person busting my butt to make ends meet and getting nowhere fast. I was stuck on the treadmill of life working horrendous hours with hardly any time left for my family or myself.

I knew I had to make my money work for me if I wanted to be financially secure, but each step I took forward seemed to have me working harder to get there. What drove me to succeed was a strong determination NOT to struggle financially like my parents always had. And today thanks to a flawless investment strategy I have a wonderful quality of life. Today… I have complete  financial freedom.

So Why Then Do I Feel A Need To Share My Knowledge With You?

That’s simple. I know how hard it was for me to accomplish the lifestyle I now have. A mentor is someone who has already achieved what you are wanting to achieve yourself, someone who you can learn from and look up to and lean on while you learn. We all go through times when we just need somebody to steer us in the right direction.

Now I don’t profess to having above average intelligence so I know if I can achieve what I have then anybody can. And there is nothing that completes me more these days than watching someone truly change their life and achieve financial freedom with my guidance.

It gives me such a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. I didn’t have much money when I started but through using the right investment strategy I was able to generate an impressive income using small amounts of cash.

So Let Me Ask You Something… How Would You Describe Your Life Right Now?

Do any of these statements relate to how you feel about life?

You feel trapped in a job that you hate. Your job consumes your life. You work horrendous hours and have little time left for anyone else let alone yourself. You have no money left after you’ve paid all your bills and your only solution to get a better result is to work even harder.

It doesn’t matter how much money you earn you always seem to spend more than you make. Perhaps you have constant arguments with your spouse over money. Or maybe, You are capable of making more money but your net worth seems to stay the same regardless of what you do. Or perhaps, You constantly attract the wrong people into your business and personal relationships and manage to lose the money you have.

You find yourself always taking the wrong advice and you are frustrated with your results in wealth creation because you know you can do better and you WANT to do better.

You wonder why other people seem to make a fortune. You feel that time is running out for you to create a comfortable passive income for you and your family. Or maybe, You’ve started educating yourself in investing but you feel overloaded with information and you want to find an easier and quicker solution.

You just don’t know how to implement the strategies you’ve already learnt.

And NOW, You find yourself thinking ‘There’s got to be a better way’. If you could find a solution to these feelings and achieve financial freedom how would it change your life?

Quite often people think that income will create wealth for them and that the answer to their money problems is to work harder to earn more. But that doesn’t really work! Income is what creates cash flow but it’s good assets that create wealth. So it makes sense for us to use a formula to create wealth by generating income for cash flow that could then be used to purchase quality assets that in turn would build our wealth.

Here’s the Formula



How then do we create a cash flow without working our fingers to the bone? And how do we know what assets to buy to build our wealth?

My philosophy is different to that of most ‘wealth educators’. When I was getting started 25 years ago It was hard to know which particular strategy I should learn let alone how to tie them all together.

You might have already found this Generally an educator will talk about just one or two subjects such as Shares if they favour Investing in Shares or Trading if that’s what they prefer. And if their product is based on Real Estate Investing they will only talk about Real Estate Investing.

I teach EXACTLY what I practice myself, and that is a step-by-step strategy that covers three different areas. It’s a combination of all of them that’s made me rich. I call these 3 components combined together my “Trinity of Wealth Formula”.

Here’s how the strategy works We use high return short-term Trading Strategies to generate an income.

To fund the purchase of Good growth shares to fund the purchase of Real Estate. That’s what ultimately creates wealth over time. In other words my ‘Trinity of Wealth’ strategy involves 3 key areas and the secret to creating ultimate wealth involves a contribution from each component.

  • Income
  • Shares
  • Real Estate

And it’s the combination of all 3 that can do the same for you!