Picture a Typical Day in Your Life

Picture a Typical Day in Your Life
as a Full-time Investor

You have a relaxing breakfast to start the day off and most to the shower whenever you feel like it. Around mid morning you make a few phone calls. One to the painter who’s finishing off the renovation on the latest property you just bought.  This makes number 7. You have a tenant who’s itching to get in there and the rent will more than cover your payments on the property.

Boot up the computer and download your data for trading. You find 2 trades and give your broker a quick call. Trades filled. Which restaurant are you going to have lunch at today? Hopefully there’s a table free at your favourite place. Oh there is everyone else must be at work! You read the paper over lunch and notice the headlines are talking about a possible stock market crash. Your excitement builds because the trade you placed earlier was a short position.

Home after lunch and you check your open positions. Already 40% profit reached on one and 50% on the other! You make another quick call to your broker to rent out some of your buy and hold shares while you are away on holiday. A little extra income to use as spending money on your trip will come in handy. Get the suitcases out and start packing for the morning. The phone rings. It’s the Real Estate agent to congratulate you. Your low offer on the house down the road has just been accepted.

She also lets you know her agency has a waiting list of tenants who might be interested in leasing your new property. The markets almost closed for the day and you decide to close your positions even though you’ve only made 53% profit when you average it out. What an exhausting day you’ve had. You’d better take a quick nap before getting ready to go out for dinner. This will be your last chance to take your brand new BMW out for a spin before you go on holiday.