Creating A Balanced Portfolio

How Can Wealth Be Made?

There are many different ways of creating wealth. Some people believe in luck and that they might win it through the lottery, or following horse racing, or playing the pokies. We prefer methods where we are in more control.

Some wish for an inheritance. The problem with this, is that you need to come from a rich family to start with. Then you need to hope that you are entitled to a relative’s inheritance and that you receive a sufficient component of their money.

We believe that it’s easier to take control and create your own Wealth destiny.

You then position yourself to help your family inherit your fortune so they can have a better life. We follow some structured methods of investing that creates wealth without the need to rely on luck.

For us it’s about educating yourself about investing and following proven investment strategies. This provides you the ability to apply your own knowledge and control the outcome. If you look at the richest people in the world, they are not rich because of the salary they draw.

They are rich because of their investments.  Their Businesses, Share-holdings and Property portfolios are what make them millionaires and billionaires.

The Three Best Ways Of Creating Wealth




If you look at BRW’s richest list most of them have either created their fortunes through property, or created it through business i.e. shares, and then parked their profits into property.

Following the Trinity of Wealth formula, you have the opportunity to create a business for yourself through investing in property and shares. The formula creates the opportunity for you to increase your ‘cashflow’ as well as grow your wealth, by chunking the process down into simple parts that anyone can follow.

How To Create A Well-Balanced, Bullet-Proof Investment Portfolio

That provides you with stress free results and has you sleeping soundly at night!

  • Have a strategy that is diversified across different asset classes.
  • Don’t rely on just one strategy or investment instrument.
  • Don’t position yourself to depend on one particular market cycle.
  • Create a ‘sleep well at night’ factor, by keeping your risk down.

It’s the combination of all of these factors that makes the strategy “bullet-proof” in terms of risk management.

There are so many other strategies out there, that give you the illusion of being able to achieve fast results, but the amount of risk you need to subject yourself to, makes them extremely risky and therefore unreliable. It is equally important to be relaxed in the approach that you are using, as it is to achieve a positive outcome.

You must be able to invest your money and be able to sleep comfortably, otherwise you are engaging in too high risk.
In a nutshell, Wealth is created in Years, not Days!