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About Julian Dawson

Julian Dawson is not a financial whizz kid, guru or even a university graduate – he’s just an ordinary Australian who has created an extraordinary lifestyle for himself and his family through some very simple, yet effective investment strategies.

Brought up in South Africa, Julian knew his fair share of discrimination and poverty. But it was a time when he was eight years of age that stuck in his mind, as he watched his mother weeping with despair.

Even though he came from a poor neighbourhood, the one tradition that every one shared was the big Sunday, family lunch. However – on that day all his mother could feed the family was bread and jam. That memory forever haunted the young eight year old.

Julian vowed to never let his own children feel the poverty that he experienced over the years. After his family migrated to Australia in 1984, Julian spent many years climbing the corporate ladder and was eventually fortunate enough to land a job with Hewlett Packard. He was finally making some good money – however his rise to corporate success was quickly dampened by the realisation that he was working 70 hours a week and had no social life.

He found himself on what he calls “the treadmill of a corporate career”. He quickly realized that working a normal job was never going to deliver the lifestyle he wanted. “It all felt pointless as I did not have a life, and I had to keep working to pay the bills”, Julian says. He decided to look in another

Julian began to devour every investment book he could find. His determination for finding the right path to financial freedom had him staying up late, constantly studying and researching. However all his efforts met with mixed success initially.

It took thousands of hours of research and study. The trial and error process that followed was emotionally and financially bruising as he would regularly take two steps forward and three steps back. Undaunted he kept going for years as a part time investor and relentless researcher. And then in 2001 Julian discovered his winning formula. He was able to identify the critical components of successful investing and eventually the trial and error paid off as he worked out how to consistently make money through investing in property and the share market for income, growth and long-term financial wealth – a specific ‘road-to-riches’ system that anyone could use.

Not long after he quit his job at Hewlett Packard and became a full time investor, working from home. Seeing his growing success, his family and friends hounded him to teach them his investment system. Julian has since formalized that education process and has been sharing his wealth wisdom
strategies since 2002.

The word spread and people from all walks of life are flocking to discover his remarkable system for creating a quality lifestyle from investing.

Julian has never forgotten his roots. He sponsors several disadvantaged children in poverty stricken countries and is a big supporter of charitable projects.

He turned his hobby of investing in real estate and shares into an occupation that allows him ample income and time to enjoy a quality lifestyle. He has also turned to educating every day people about how they too can improve their financial position and have more choice in their lives.

Julian believes teaching allows him to share his gift with others. His teaching style is shows passion and enthusiasm. Despite the nature of the subject, Julian’s jovial, light-hearted approach to sharing the information, is somewhat entertaining and fun – and therefore makes it easy for anybody to understand
and apply the information. He removes any fears people might have about investing through his simple and easy to understand approach.

“For me, teaching these strategies allows me to share my enthusiasm with others. I enjoy meeting people and I am passionate about the hobby that has gained me a quality lifestyle. I take pride in what I teach and enjoy teaching so others too can learn to enjoy life in the way my family and I can.” Julian Dawson.

Successful investment is not just about making smart investment choices it’s about protecting what you accumulate and mitigating the risks. This book is therefore the result of over a decade of dedicated investigation into what works and the book you now hold in your hands allows you to go straight to the solution that took 15 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars for Julian to uncover.

As a result of the Wealth Wisdom investing selection criteria outlined in this book Julian now makes his money as a professional investor. Julian enjoys a quiet lifestyle in the Byron Bay area of NSW with his wife Frea and three young children. He doesn’t have to commute three hours a day or get stuck in rush hour traffic.

He has no boss and if he chose to, doesn’t have to “work” another day in his life. But the best part is that Julian loves his “work” – he lives and breaths investing and is always on the lookout for ways to demystify the often confusing and intimidating world of finance and investing. It has been that passion to remove the apprehension and make investing accessible to everyone that spurred him on to help others.

He is passionate about investing and is living proof that within a short time – and the basic know how, anyone can learn the skills of investing, enjoy a quality lifestyle and have more time to do the things they love to do.

Now other ordinary Australians just like him who are searching for a better way, can learn how to create an extraordinary life and enjoy an extraordinary lifestyle on their terms.